SCHEDULE: Here you’ll find a overview of what you should be working on each week, due dates for the whole semester, as well as links to any materials (readings, screenings etc.) & links for tutorials, discussion, & assignment submissions. 

ASSIGNMENTS: Here you’ll find details on the ongoing assignments for the semester.

TECH: Here  you’ll find description of all of the tech we’re using for this class and how we’re using it. 

ASSESSMENT: Here you’ll find a breakdown of grade weighting and a description of the processes of Self-Assessment we’ll be using for this class. You can also see the prompts for particular reflections you’ll be writing to accompany specific assignments.

RESOURCES: Hover over this tab and you’ll find links to various resources and supports Middlebury offers.

ABOUT: About this course, About me, Acknowledgments, etc.

If you have any questions, you can always email me at or message me on Teams.