Content Policy

In this course, we watch a range of media, some of it professionally created, some amateur, some of it modern, some of it from the very beginning of cinema. Some of this media may be familiar, but some may not, and it might upset you, or make you uncomfortable. In many cases, this discomfort can be something we interrogate and learn from; risk taking and discomfort can be invaluable and necessary parts of the learning experience. That said, if you do have any specific concerns, please let me know how I can best be of help.  Likewise, if you are concerned about a particular screening that might create a significant issue for you, please come speak with me, and we can work out an alternative arrangement. If a screening (or even a discussion) made you uncomfortable in class, I encourage you to come speak with me. Sometimes these deeper discomforts are personal and individual, but in other cases they can lead to positive class discussions from which everyone benefits.