Final Project: Vid(eographic) Remix Partnerships

For your final project, you’ll pair with another student to create an audiovisual remix (be it videographic essay, mashup, or (fan)vid), reworking an already-existing visual source text and audio to transform and create a new narrative, affect, or experimental outcome, in so doing to engage in some way with a topic we’ve focused on over the semester. Working together on this remix could be tricky this semester since  you can’t be editing in the same room together — but you can divide the remix up into parts. Alternatively, you can also choose to each create separate remixes as long as you also give each other feedback throughout and serve as creative support/a listening ear/outside critical eye. 
You can think of this as writing an academic argument through and with media in the form of videographic criticism (aka the video essay), or you can think of this as a way of engaging with the ideas we’ve discussed in class through more vernacular popular cultural forms [for example, a fake trailer, supercut, anime music video (AMV) or political remix (PRV)]. You could choose to remix something we’ve seen in class or another audio visual source of your choice. Use this as an opportunity to play around with your favorite film, music, or television show, or to explore an unfamiliar aesthetic. You will also each write an individual 500-1000 word component where you discuss the process and outcome of your remix, drawing in a substantive way to the concepts discussed in readings and in class. We will screen your remixes in class for our last session.