Friday Flipgrid Discussions

Every Friday, we’ll have an asynhronous discussion on Flipgrid where you will make a short, five minute vlog-style video, drawing connections between the readings and screenings, and respond to one another. I will post a few prompts to get you started, but you’re welcome to take the conversation in other directions. Once you have made your initial video, respond to at least one fellow classmate’s comments in video (2-3 minutes approx a response). Any extra responses beyond those first two, including text responses, count as extra credit! Feel free to embed images within Flipgrid, to blur your own image out, to use only audio. No need to be overly formal in these conversations nor to appear on camera if you’d rather not do so. Have fun with it!

For our flipgrid discussions, the full class will be split into three smaller sections to keep conversations managable. I’ll send you a link invitation to your flipgrid section.

If you try out Flipgrid and just find you’re really not comfortable with recording yourself on video, even just your voice, then please do reach out to me and we’ll set up an alternative for this ongoing assignment. I’ve found in the past that Flipgrid fosters terrific class conversation and creative community, but it’s not for everyone, and I want to create effective options for different people’s learning styles.