Tools & Tech

Microsoft Teams: We’ll be using Teams for text-based discussion, for group work, and for assignment submission. We will have a tech and creative help discussion board and various chat threads on teams. You can use Teams to message other students individually as well. 

Flipgrid: We’ll be using Flipgrid for weekly asynchronous video conversations throughout the semester. Flipgrid is integrated into Teams. 

Adobe Premiere: There are two assignments that require editing to different degrees in the class. Premiere is the software we use as our main editing tool in the FMMC department. Middlebury has a free license for educational use. You can download Premiere through the college following these instructions. You can also watch this video for instructions. If your laptop does not have the capacity to support Premiere, you can also use the computers in Axinn 105 or the Wilson Media Lab, which are all equipped with Premiere. Here is a walkthrough on how to install Premiere on your own laptop. You may also wish to purchase an external hard drive for editing purposes. 

Perusall: Perusall is a collective annotation tool. We will be using this for course multimedia readings (aka “the weekly mix.”)  Most readings will be available for free on Perusall, though you will need to purchase the main course text book on Perusall. Email me with any questions about this.