Process Journal

Over the course of the months, keep a process journal–that is, a place where you record quotes from the reading that you find especially striking, responses, reflections, queries, examples, counterexamples, etc. Brainstorm your vexercise ideas here, jot down song ideas for future vexercises, vent about the creative process when you’re frustrated. This can also be a space where you write initial reflections and self assessments on your own work over the course of the semester. During our class zoom sections, I will regularly ask you to brainstorm thoughts or jot down responses to prompts or videos in your journals.

Your process journal could be in the form of an analogue notebook or a google doc, onedrive notebook, word doc, whatever you prefer. On occasion you might share aspects of your journal with fellow classmates during class discussions, or with me during individual conferences, but this journal is predominantly for you–it’s meant to be  a personal reflective space. The work you do within can then serve as a resource for the rest of your work in the class. You won’t be turning these in at the end of the semester.