Short Synthesis Essay

In this short essay, you will link two class readings together to analyze one of our class screenings. That is, you will write an original, close analysis of the screening of your choice by synthesizing two readings to take your interpretation somewhere new. At your essay’s conclusion, ideally not only will you be offering insight into the screening you’ve chosen to discuss, but you’ll also be using the combination of screening and two essays in conversation to add to the larger conceptual conversations explored in the course readings.

This essay must be 1 page long. That is—it must fit on a single page, no more. You can play with margins and font (though please, no smaller than 11 pt font, for my poor eyes!) Take this restriction as a generative challenge—like the creative limits that inspire fan works. I’d encourage you to brainstorm more than a page and refine it down to that single page—you’ll end up with a richer and more succinct essay that way.