We will be using Teams as our tool for extra credit chat, group work, sharing information and resources. You can always DM me on Teams rather than emailing me if you prefer (though email is okay also). I emailed you with a link to the class Teams–email me if you need help joining.

I’ve made various threads on Teams for On and off Topic chat. A little while into the semester, we’ll divide into working groups for group led discussion, and we’ll set up workgroup areas on Teams where you can connect with your group for discussion, planning, and sharing of work.

I will communicate to you regularly on the Teams Announcements channel. For significant announcements, I will send emails out and duplicate those emails on the Teams Announcements channel so that you can easily find them there if need be.

You will also be submitting assignments on Teams, and you’ll receive feedback grades through the Teams assignment function.

Please let me know if you run into any Teams related questions!