Weekly Mix Inquiry Discussions

Read, Inquire, Discuss

Each week you’ll share your thoughts on the weekly mix (usually in the form of a mix of thoughts and questions) on Flipgrid, in the form of a 3-5 minute flipgrid video.

These initial Weekly Mix Discussions will be due by the end of day every Tuesday. You can skip one Weekly Mix discussion over the course of the semester.

Each week, in addition to your initial video, you’ll respond to at least two of your fellow classmate’s videos. You will have until Friday to record these responses. These responses can be shorter, if you want—around 2-3 minutes.

Your weekly mix response videos may explore points you didn’t fully understand, examine associations prompted by the mix, consider connections between the readings etc., or point to gaps you feel were left unexplored.

These videos can be casual. I encourage ongoing conversation, with whatever twists and turns emerge. Depending on the direction of the class discussion, we will explore the ideas that emerge in our flipgrid discussions in class. 

Once a month, you will write a self-assessment on these flipgrid responses, considering your engagement with the class materials and with the collaborative learning of the class.